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The Shooting Federation of Nova Scotia is the Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) for Target Shooting. We work with the Nova Scotia Government through the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage Communities, Sport and Recreation Division and Sport Nova Scotia representing Target Shooting as its PSO. It is a volunteer organization registered as a non-profit organization under the Nova Scotia Societies Act.

Shooting clubs within Nova Scotia are encouraged to affiliate with the Shooting Federation for a small annual fee. The President or designated representative of each affiliated club becomes a Councilor of the Federation. These Councilors form the Council which governs the organization. Members of affiliated clubs are also members of the Federation. At its Annual General Meeting the Federation elects, from it members, a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, who also become Councilors of the Federation. These elected  Councilors are also the Officers of the Federation.

The objectives of the Federation are to sponsor shooting competitions and to assist and co-operate with clubs, leagues, district, provincial, national, and international organizations and associations engaged in competitive shooting. The Federation sponsors activities designed to produce a better knowledge of the safe handling and proper care of firearms and acts as a provincial body for Target Shooting.
As the Provincial Sport Organization for Target Shooting the Federation sanctions Provincial Championship Matches and arranges for Official and Coach training and certification. More information on Coaching may be found at the website.

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